How to upgrade old Printfil licenses  

If you've reached this page, most probably you've right to a FREE Printfil upgrade. Depending by when you did purchase your Printfil license, the free upgrade may be for the Printfil 4.3 version (latest 4.x version released) or even the most current Printfil 5.30 version.
Please find all the news at

License Version Purchased from to Upgrade to Printfil 4.3 Upgrade to Printfil 5.30
4.0 - 4.1 - 4.2 13 Dec 2003 6 Nov 2005 FREE, please use the form below Purchase your Upgrade License from ShareItlimited time, discounted offer
4.3 7 Nov 2005 23 Apr 2006 - FREE, please use the form below
5.x 24 Apr 2006 today - FREE, Just download it now.

By upgrading your license by the form below or the purchase link above, you'll receive further istruction about how to download and install the update.

(*) If you don't have the Authorization Code, please and

News (*) Authorization Code:
Your License:
Registration Name:
Reference Code:
License Number:
Key Code (xxxx-xxxx-....):

Notice: You are viewing this page because the Printfil's AutoUpdate feature is enabled. If you do not want to view it in future you can upgrade your Printfil copy or you can disable the AutoUpdate feature, as described on the Printfil's html manual.

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